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Emergency Services

The EMS professionals at Advance Ambulance are primed and ready to capably provide emergency transportation to patients in any medical emergency. For individuals requiring 9-1-1 emergency services, our professionals are able to competently coordinate with 9-1-1 emergency personnel and fire departments in order to ensure that patients receive qualified care when time matters most. Advance’s paramedics and EMTs have the advanced skills and training needed to administer care, communicate with on-scene first responders, and interact with emergency room physicians in order to transport patients efficiently to the proper facilities.

Emergency services offered by Advance Ambulance include:

  • Continual communication between Advance’s dispatchers, crews, and fire/police dispatch centers.
  • GPS tracking of all ambulances.
  • Cutting-edge equipment that improves heart attack survival rates and overall patient outcomes.

With strategic locations throughout the Chicago area, based on thorough analysis of call volumes, Advance is the best choice to deliver punctual, safe and dependable service.

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TEst2Chicago –  773.774.8999; Suburbs – 847.963.8700; 24 hours a day, seven days a week
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