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Checklists, Informational Booklets & Documents

Basics of Alzheimer’s Disease
Alzheimer’s Association

Ambulance Services – Medicare Coverage Policies
Medicare Coverage of Ambulance Services

Assisted Living, Senior Living
Guide to Choosing an Assisted Living Community
Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA)

Caregivers – Tips and Resources, Glossary of Terms
Caring for Yourself When You Are Caring for Others?
How Can You Plan for the Future?

How Do You Care For Someone With a Disability, Chronic Illness, or Injury?
Information to Help you Care for Others
Is Additional Financial Support Available?
Moving to a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility
Planning a Transition From Hospital to Home
What Caregiver Support is Available in My Area?
What Should Every Caregiver Know?
What Type of Care is Best for Your Loved Ones?
What Types of Expenses Does Medicare Cover?

Dialysis Patients
A Guide to Heart Health for Dialysis Patients
National Kidney Foundation

Discharge Planning
Your Discharge Planning Checklist: For Patients and Their Caregivers
Department of Health and Human Services

Emergency Room (ER)
Prepare Now For The Unexpected: Your ER Checklists
American College of Emergency Physicians

Health and Safety – Seniors
Health and Safety Checklist for Seniors
American College of Emergency Physicians

Health Insurance Definitions, Terminology
Definitions of Health Insurance Terms
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Heart Attacks
Act in Time to Heart Attack Signs
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

Home Care, Hospice
Choosing a Quality Hospice for You Or Your Loved Ones
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
How Do I Select the Right Home Care Provider?
National Association for Home Care & Hospice

Medicare – Comprehensive Handbook
Medicare and You – 2017

Nursing Homes, Long-Term Care
Nursing Home Checklist
Your Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home or Long-Term Care

Prescription Medicines, Misuse and Abuse – Elderly
Prescription Medication Misuse and Abuse Among Older Adults
Administration on Aging with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
The Elderly and Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse
Center for Applied Research Solutions

Stroke Rehabilitation
Guide to Choosing Stroke Rehabilitation
National Stroke Association


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