Advance Life Support Ambulance
Our Advance Life Support ambulances are staffed by two highly trained and certified paramedics. All paramedics at Advance Ambulance are Nationally Registered and hold certificates in advanced life support, basic life support, and pediatric life support.

Basic Life Support Ambulance
Our Basic Life Support ambulances are staffed with two emergency Medical Technicians that are comprehensively trained and educated before serving the needs of the public.

On many occasions, the facilities that an ambulance offers may not be required. This is especially the case where the patient is not suffering from any mobility problems. In this instance Advance Ambulance offers a Medi-car service. They carry a wide range of equipment including full size wheelchair & first aid equipment. Our drivers are trained in proper handling of people who are confined to a wheelchair, and provide door-to-door service for all people they transport.

Special Event EMS Coverage
In addition to medical transportation, Advance Ambulance also specializes in medical coverage of special events and mass gatherings.